FAM KOI FISH is an established importer and distributor of high quality Koi fish in Vietnam. As a project in FAM Garden of FAM Vietnam, we inherit special values from FAM Vietnam: intensiveness – commitment – sustainability and integrate them with the art of raising Koi fish.

This term was first used as far back as 200 years ago in a village from the Niigata prefecture in Japan.The first Nishikigoi was produced by farmers breeding black carp (or Magoi) as a food source to survive severe winter weather conditions, and soon evolved into an ornamental fish with the unique beauty. Up to now, Nishikigoi, or Koi for short, is the symbol of success, ambition, perseverance, and advancement in life. Therefore, Japanese people usually add a pond full of Nishikigoi in their garden as a way to demonstrate that the master of the house feels fulfilled. When this tradition gets more popular, the number of Koi lovers worldwide increases and the demand for expanding Koi varieties also elevates.

As there is a considerable multiply in the quantity of Koi lovers in Vietnam, we realize that it is time to develop a reliable place for exchanging Koi fish and their necessities in addition to providing related educational information and practices in Vietnam. FAM KOI FISH is founded with those functions.

Our services:
– KOI FISH: To adapt to the increasing demand for Koi fish in Vietnam, we continuously import different varieties of Koi available for distribution.
– KOI AUCTION: We also offer some special Koi fish on bids for your larger selections of choices.
– KOI CONSIGNMENT: Sometimes you will find a place to help you sell your Koi fish. Come to us and experience the proven consignment procedure.
– KOI SHOP: Caring Koi fish requires miscellaneous food, medicine and tools/gadgets. Explore all the things available for sale here.
– KOI CARE: Raising Koi fish is more than an art. We will provide you with better understandings of this art.

Our Koi fish are selectively imported from Japanese trustworthy breeders and raised with the same conditions of food, water and facilities in appropriate farms. Our dedication to Koi health and a strict quarantine system strengthens our commitment to quality. As a result, customers’ satisfaction and beauty of Vietnamese houses become our passion for development.